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When Thinking of Taking Your Organization to the Next Level…Think BYG!

BYG Consulting believes that for an organization to move to the “next level” of performance excellence, it can only be accomplished when the entire organization is focusing its activities in the same direction, for the same well understood purpose, within an environment that encourages excellence in execution.

We call that Organizational Clarity.

Achieving Organizational Clarity is not easy.  It requires a cohesive leadership team; clear communications throughout the organization down to the level of functional excellence in execution; and creating and maintaining the human systems to continue fostering the “right” behaviors.  In other words, it requires Focused Integration.

Organizations most often fail to achieve Organizational Clarity, because they get distracted for a variety of reasons.  BYG brings Focused Integration to each client we engage with, along with three key characteristics:

ACUMEN – Our familiarity with multiple industries combined with our deep skill-sets and leadership of various businesses not only allow us to make shrewd judgments, it also enables us to leverage our experience so as to bring insight and wisdom to our clients.

EXPERIENCE – Eugene Delacroix was quoted saying: “Experience has two things to teach: The first is that we must correct a great deal; the second that we must not correct too much.”  We tend to have a little different twist on that philosophy; we like to first determine what is working well…and then build on it.

INTEGRITY – It’s not just a word we use, it’s what we practice.  We have the courage to do the right thing because it is right…and we respect every confidence entrusted to us by our clients. 
Samuel Johnson said it best: “There can be no friendship without confidence and no confidence without integrity”.

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